White male dating filipin

02-Jan-2018 09:41

This is what we call "blessing" our elders, and it's a sign of respect -- a tradition -- that I grew up with. As an impressionable, sensitive kid, I interpreted that as, "What are you? My Filipino identity and upbringing were all I knew, yet my peers couldn't relate.

You see, I always explain that Filipinos are the Italians of Asia. Between all of them, I have well over 40 first cousins. I realized that my world of eating rice three times a day (insert Asian joke here), hearing languages other than English at home, having my Lola (grandmother) live with us and blessing my elders were not a part of my friends' worlds.

I've had numerous open and honest discussions with gay male friends of all colors, including my lovely white friends, and I am not afraid to proclaim that I think it's much easier being gay if you're white.

In no way do I wish to come off as whiny; I only wish to open a healthy dialogue about issues that many gay men of color identify with when it comes to the greater LGBT community.

My gosh, I felt like I needed some sort of gay manual. The gay culture that we predominantly see in mainstream media is white and is not an entirely accurate representation of all our experiences.

As much as I love Neil Patrick Harris and Anderson Cooper, I can't fully identify with them because, yes, they don't look like me.

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We take one of their hands into ours, slightly bow and press our forehead against the back of their hand. I eventually just started telling people that I'm Chinese, because that's apparently the only country that exists in all of Asia, and I guess I should be, right!?

When I moved to the US, however, I had to deal with the issue of race—something I barely even considered back home.

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