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19-Oct-2017 22:45

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Whether it was when I was working for Neil Strauss (aka Style) for the last few years as his HEAD COACH and you are one of the thousands of men I have worked with across the world, perhaps you just finished reading The Game and after scanning some lame PUA sites found your way here, or maybe you were at a PUA SUMMIT, or Steve P.’s seminar where I taught a section of my online game program.

However you got here, the important thing is you made it.

“Dehumanizing” is too harsh a word for his attitude, but over time there was no doubt in my mind that he thought that some women were not equal to other women and not equal to him.

Not coincidentally, comments about sticking to writing about makeup or fashion are the same dismissive remarks that get made to me online by MRA trolls. I guess I saw Andy* in these individual moments as more curmudgeonly or persnickety rather than misogynist.

It was only when I looked at them in aggregate that I realized he was relentless in his complaints about the fairer sex.

He was also a person who’d claimed to have had a “virgin/whore dichotomy” problem — which he’d blamed on his Catholic upbringing — and he said he’d had to get over that during his 20s. If I could go back and do my relationship with Andy over, I would have heeded these red flags and ended things sooner than I did.

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But ever so willing to see the good in others, I’d thought that it showed growth on his part that he now wanted to date a woman like me: opinionated, feisty, strong, educated.In time I started to see, though, how maybe Andy honestly that woman.

There must be high school sweethearts who never moved on with their lives and waiting to hear from their old flames.… continue reading »

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