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Around that time, Davis’ father (an actor, artist and drummer) suggested that Davis watch “The Strange One”, the first film produced by Lee Strasberg‘s highly respected Actors Studio. Richards, became Strasberg’s “right hand man” until Strasberg’s passing.

Davis has studied the craft with the eighty five yr old Richards since she was eighteen.

Davis was cast opposite James Franco in a star-studded cast that included Brenda Blethyn and Harry Dean Stanton, to name a few.

Davis was also cast in “Mc Bride: Requiem” with John Larroquette, Lifetime’s “Carolina Moon” working opposite Claire Forlani and Oliver Hudson, Davis was cast opposite Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ed O’ Neal in a pilot for ABC called”In the Game“.“Then worked alongside Hewitt again, on “Ghost Whisperer”.Despite her blonde hair and blue eyes, Davis pulled off playing one of the Hamas in “Navy NCIS”.She proved comedy is one of her best assets by starring as “Carol Cavanaugh” in the film “Kalamazoo?

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” co-starring Claire Bloom, Renee Taylor, and Chita Rivera, as well as “In the Land Of Merry Misfits” produced by Maria Menunos, narrated by John Waters.

Davis has a large fanbase due to her lead roles in many Lifetime movies such as, “The Perfect Student” opposite Natasha Henstridge, “Seduced By Lies”, “Past Obsessions”, “Dirty Teacher”, “Accidental Obsession”, and “Realtor Nightmare”.