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February: Protesters are shot by Ukrainian secret police, almost 100 people die. March: Russia invades Crimea, fires warning shots to unarmed Ukrainian soldiers trying to recapture Crimean airport.

President Yanukovich is overthrown and leaves country. Mass protests, supporting both sides, organize and march in city centers throughout Ukraine.

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We're obviously concerned and doing as much as we can to present the facts to our guys, but until the situation reaches a level truly life-threatening, as long as they want to go, we'll go." Adams also told us of a romance tour currently underway in the cities of Dnepropetrovsk and Zaparozhye where socials have been attended by a "record number of women." Virtually every city in Ukraine has experienced some level of protests or unrest, albeit with very few injuries or arrests per se.

People on the ground are saying despite what you see in the news each day, life goes on.

I know that a lot of Russian girls are just looking for a foreigner for his money and to get the possibility to move to another country.

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It's almost as if the more serious the situation gets in Ukraine, the more determined these guys are to go.People go to work, come home, take their kids to swimming lessons, meet friends for a dinner out at the cafe.