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You will finally learn how to pick the right woman and enjoy “nirvana” that you never experienced before. I had studied this woman Heather at my job for months and couldn’t say anything to her other than work related issues.

Your passion and lovemaking will be unique and set you apart as the greatest lover she has ever had. After seeing your “satisfaction guaranteed” label for your guide Alpha Male Pickup, I decided why not and took the plunge. After reading your guide I was a new man and got the courage to not only talk to her about who I am as a person, but “pick her up” as well.

She may even be giggling behind your back and telling her friends you are her emotional tampon. You work up the courage to speak to her, politely introducing yourself and engaging in conversation.

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You are walking down the street and on the opposite side of the road is a guy who is as average looking as you. What makes this girl make a beeline for that guy instead of you?You do not have to be like them to get what you want.