Consolidating failing businesses

16-Sep-2017 16:53

They are the only ones who can tell you how the process is, what you need to prepare, and what the whole thing implies.

Getting a debt consolidation loan to save your business is much better than filing for bankruptcy; if you file for bankruptcy you will lose your business forever, but with a debt consolidation loan you can have money to pay your employees and your urgent matters.

These days, the businesses that rent space from Amazon in South Lake Union have no problem putting people in seats during lunchtime and happy hour.

Some 40,000 Seattleites (and counting) work for Amazon; many venture beyond the office for food. South Lake Union's businesses have struggled to convert daytime patrons into loyal evening crowds.

Most of its 8.1 million square feet of property are located in South Lake Union.

Consolidation loans work with any type of loan and there's no upper limit.